Crepes @ Home

I LOVE crepes, but at restaurants, they are usually overloaded and can be very high in fat & sugar content. So to satisfy my cravings, I have made my own lighter version at home.

Line up of the necessary items: Melissa’s crepes (found in the cold aisle by the fruits), Dark chocolate dreams spread (sometimes I use Nutella), strawberries, and Reddi-Whip fat-free whip cream.

Spreading the dark chocolate peanut butter…mmm.. usually 2 tbsp is good enough.

Now add the hulled & sliced strawberries on top.

Now the cold layer of the whip cream..

Fold it all up…

And voila! The mixture of the cold fruit, whip cream, and the dark chocolate PB is SO GOOD. And y’know what, this whole treat is 4 WW points only.

Banh Xeo, Hue Style

My aunt (who coincidentally bears the same name as me!) made these awesome banh xeos for my Grandma’s 81st birthday this past weekend. She recently came from Vietnam, from the city of Hue… and these Vietnamese style crepes that she makes are from that region. Aside from the sauce, I’m not entirely sure what else makes it more specific to Hue. But it tastes damn good! The sauce was so good…tasted like m?m tôm but I was told it wasn’t that.

Crispy, full of pork (I think it was pork anyway!!) and mushroom bits on the inside… then topped with beansprouts, herbs, and that special sauce. YUMMY!

Chicken Spinach & Feta Sausage

After a vigorous 13 mile bike ride, I was famished!! This was a quick & easy late lunch that I quickly threw together upon arriving at home. I panfried the sausages (and obviously burnt it a little bit, but I like it that way) and while it was cooking, nuked some white rice & corn in the microwave. The rice had been cooked the night prior by my parents and was just sitting in the rice cooker. See, convenient!

The chicken sausage was pretty good. Although honestly, I didn’t really taste the feta. Each link is 160 calories, so not too terrible.

Cheesy Egg Sammy

Mmm gooey melted cheese on top of a runny egg. Best breakfast sandwich ever! I usually don’t eat cheese often, but bought a pack of 2% Kraft singles to satisfy this craving.

This was consumed after an hour long toning class at the gym this morning. Totally hit the spot =D

Runny Eggs and Ham

My brunch today… I woke up super late at 2pm and was famished! Two runny eggs and slices of honey ham steak, yum!

But now I’m well rested and full =)

Nissin Bowl of Ramen

Ughhh I caved tonight and went off my “plan.” It was just not a good eating day overall. Started off good, but worsened as the day progressed. My sleep deprivation caught up with me and I was feeling very weak (physically & mentally). When I got home, I passed out in bed and slept for a few hours. When I woke up, I just wanted to eat anything…and well…bowl of instant noodles was the fastest.

^ Nissin chicken flavored bowl. I didn’t like it much at all. If anything, I prefer the other ramen packets from the Asian grocery store. They taste at least more ramen-y. What a waste of calories…

Tomorrow starts a new day though!

Calimari and Shrimp Chips

My parents bought Chinese take-out for dinner tonight… okay I am supposed to be on my diet but I couldn’t resist a few bites of the calimari. I know, I cheated =( I ate it plain though — no rice! I love this dish. The slight chewiness of the calimari always tempts me to have just one more.

There were also very colorful shrimp chips included in the take-out. I was good and did not try any of these. But took a photo because I loved the colors =)

Turkey Cutlets…finally!

Finally, I remembered to take the turkey cutlets out of the freezer this morning! It was nicely thawed out by the time I arrived home from work. This was a very basic dinner. I sprinkled salt & pepper on the cutlets, then sauteed them in a pan with EVOO. Also added a few squirts of lemon juice a minute before turning the heat off.

Yeah I know, the turkey looks like brain matter. =p

Paired the cutlets with a side of beans mixed with sriracha sauce. HOT…but a nice combination. This was a very hearty dinner!

Baked Salmon & Greens

Ack, I once again forgot to take out the turkey cutlets from the freezer! I was going to just panfry the remaining slice of ham steak for dinner, but after I got back from the gym… the stove was already occupied by Mom. What’s a hungry girl to do…

Luckily, right out of the oven was a tray of baked salmon! And a bowl of steamed broccoli was sitting out on the table already….

Voila, instant dinner and I didn’t have to do a single thing! =D

Ham Steak & Salad

I forgot to take out turkey cutlets from the freezer this morning (before leaving for work), so I had to improvise for dinner. Decided to panfry a ham steak that I had bought at the grocery store — don’t worry, I didn’t buy a whole ham… just a pack of 2 individually wrapped ham steaks! Hehe, last month I had baked a whole ham and was stuck eating it for 2 weeks and grew soooo sick of ham. But I figured I would give it another chance, given that it’s pretty lean and considered core on WW.

I don’t know if it was because I was starving… but gosh, this ham steak tasted sooooo much better than the whole ham I baked last month!!! It was not as salty and just tasted great pan-fried.

No starch tonight, as I had my whole wheat pasta for lunch. So the sides are just a salad and some simmered carrots. Day#2 back on eating right! Hurray!

Whole Wheat Pasta & Beef

Today starts off a brand new me! For the past 2 months, I’ve been trying to get back into exercising and eating right but have been rather unsuccessful. I would only be “good” for 2-3 days and then fall back into a slump again. It was a terrible cycle …but with warmer weather just right around the corner now, I need to stop procrastinating and put real effort into making myself look and feel the best I can.

This week, I will follow Weight Watchers core eating plan. I just need to get into the rhythm of eating wholesome clean foods again and not worry too much about calories/points yet.

Tonight’s dinner is a mish mosh I put together because it was easy and would also give me a week’s worth of food to pack for work. It’s basically whole wheat pasta tossed with 93% ground beef, mushrooms, crushed Italian tomatoes, ff ricotta cheese, and various spices. I then paired it with a simple salad with diced cherry tomatoes and Waldenfarm’s 0 calorie blue cheese dressing. (The taste is still a little off to me, but I’m getting used to it).

Very filling and yummy! Here’s to eating healthy!

I was supersupersupersuper lazy to go grocery shopping today (and much of anything else really) and so dinner was a quick pickup at a local Hale & Hearty. I got 1/2 a grilled chicken club sandwich and cup of New England clam chowder. It was just enough to fill me up…

The grilled chicken club was served with Bacon and Avocado on an onion square.

I got a slice of 7 grain bread along with my soup. Perfect for dipping!

Dark Chocolate PB & Banana

Last week, I was on a crepe craze and bought a jar of Nutella and Dark Chocolate Dreams. The latter is a mixture of dark chocolate & peanut butter…mmm, so good. While Nutella is awesome in its own right, I wanted to vary my spreads.

Breakfast this morning.. I was lazy and didn’t want to cook anything. Decided to make toast with the PB spread and bananas.

The jar and banana:

I used Arnold’s light bread, so very calorie friendly (to combat against the PB spread).

Upclose shot!

Had I known it was going to be such a long + busy day, I probably would have eaten a much heartier breakfast. Instead I wound up with a lost cat and was so occupied with taking care of it that my next meal did not come until 11pm!

PW’s Best Lasagna

Over the holidays, my sister-in-law (Hi Mimi!) made Pioneer Woman’s Best Lasagna for lunch one afternoon. Firstly, it was super nice having someone else cook! Food always tastes so much better when you’re not the one slaving over it. The lasagna itself was quite yummy. Not sure if it’s ‘the best’ …(as PW tends to title her recipes) but definitely tasty.

I really liked the hearty layer of cheese (the recipe said Parmesan but my SIL accidentally picked up Romano) on top. The Romano tasted just fine though.

A view of the layers. Once cut, the lasagna pieces didn’t stand well on its own… we think because there were only 2 thick layers so it just spread out on the dish once served.

My plate…okay I confess, I had 2 servings that day!

I’ll have to try this recipe another time on my own. It’s a keeper!

M&E’s Wedding

Despite feeling very downtrodden, I attended my coworker M.’s wedding on December 26th. That night in itself was quite interesting as I was set up with a blind ‘date’ (not really a date-date persay) to accompany me. It was um, a very interesting experience…. and that’s all I’ll have to publicly say on the matter!

The starter course… I don’t remember all the fancy wording, but it’s basically a mesculin salad with a poached pear filled with gorgonzola cheese. The pear was delicious! Loved the subtle sweetness coupled with the cheese. It was a wonderful dish to start off dinner.

Main course… I decided to be un-adventurous and get the usual, Filet Mignon. It was pretty standard fare. Wish the side was not fried onions though. It seemed a bit too greasy-ish for a wedding meal. There was also mashed potatoes, asparagus and a red wine reduction underneath the steak.

For unknown reasons, they never served our table dessert (or the wedding cake) at all. I was a little miffed about that because I wanted to take a photo! Oh well.

There was also a lot of delicious looking food provided during cocktail hour, but my appetite was still pretty shot during this period. (It still is, just not as bad) Despite my ‘interesting’ blind-date experience, the wedding itself was quite beautiful. It was difficult at times to see the celebration of love while I felt my own heart crumbling, but it would be selfish on my part to not honor the love that M&E wanted to celebrate that night.